Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Nicolas Poussin Paintings and Seal

"The Holy Family on the Steps" by Nicolas Poussin - Poussin was not a painter of seascapes.
"The Shepherds of Arcadia II" by Nicolas Poussin. "The château of Nicolas Fouquet, Superintendent of Finances to King Louis XIV, was lavish, refined, and dazzling to behold, but these characteristics proved tragic for its owner: the king had Fouquet arrested shortly after a famous fête that took place on 17 August 1661 where Molière's play 'Les Fâcheux' debuted." "Coincidentally, in 1665, the same year in which Nicolas Fouquet was imprisoned, Nicolas Poussin died. For the next twenty years, King Louis jockeyed for possession of what he regarded as Poussin’s most important work: The Shepherds of Arcadia. When he finally got a hold of it, he did not put it on public display, but hid it away in his private quarters, and let no one view it without his expressed permission."
The window in the church at Mt. Bugarach, the symbol of the ship and the helm as the Wheel of Fortune. A sample of the analysis by Francoise Gasc of the Jonah painting which she links to Jason and the Argonauts: "Jason, in this image, having been swallowed by the snake-Dragon, is recraché by him, like Jonas recraché by the great fish on the shores of Nineveh, or sainte Marguerite from the Dragon and St. Ursula of the bear: symbolically the hero, the Prophet, the saint or Holy having mastered the telluric energies is transformed, living 2nd birth - the result of Initiation, by the grace of the celestial energies, Athena for Jason who is the hero of the adventure. ATHENA is linked to the seal of POUSSIN which I referred to in my site... (below, last photo.)"
"The Golden Calf" by Nicolas Poussin.
"The Inspiration of the Poet" by Nicholas Poussin (circa 1630.)
The seal of Nicolas Poussin - a galleon ship. The Priory of Sion also uses nautical symbolism, their leader is called "Le Nautonnier". Francoise Gasc compares the ship on this seal to the ships in her paintings.

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