Monday, August 27, 2012

"Jonah and the Whale" by Gaspard Dughet

Jonas sortant de la Baleine - Esquisse de paysage Dughet Gaspard.
Gaspard Dughet was the brother-in-law of Nicolas Poussin. This painting is in the collection of Queen Elizabeth II of England. "Gaspard Dughet (15 June 1615 – 27 May 1675), also known as Gaspard Poussin, was a French painter born in Rome. A pupil of Nicolas Poussin, Gaspard Dughet was the brother of Poussin's wife. He devoted himself to landscape painting and rendered admirably the severer beauties of the Roman Campagna." The two paintings of Francoise Gasc could possibly be by this "Poussin".

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